The Nicole Brand started with my mum's fascination about Nicole Kidman. She made her first ever batch of cold process soap with her own 'Nicole Kidman' scent. Back in 2005, Nicole was a boutique custom soap and candle shop in Melbourne, Australia. She and her sister took custom orders and make all kinds of soaps and candles products. 

One day, she was approached by a South Korean businessman to make a big batch of soaps, with 86 different kinds of animal design patterns. She went to her plastic mold supplier and returned with a huge quote. So, she decided to make the mold herself. Thats when she found a tremendous gap between craft makers and custom mold makers. The molds were too expensive and slow, and the MOQ was too big. 

15 years have passed, custom craft design and silicone mold making is still at our core. We provide full product cycle solutions to professional bakery/pastry/ice-cream/food-processing industries, soap and candle making industries, e-commerce reseller, DIY schools, department stores and individual users.

During the past 15 years, we have designed and manufactured over 12000 different kinds of products, provided innovative solutions to over 1000 professional brands in over 100 Countries. All of our high quality, platinum-cured silicone molds are made in-house and ship directly to clients worldwide.

We spend 8-10% of our annual revenue on R&D, 30% of our staff are designers or of artistic background, over 50% of staff are engineers or technicians. We hold multiple patents and well-known trademark Boowan-Nicole®.


Our bricks and mortar ‘creative centre’ is staffed with a talented team offering expert artistic design, engineering, molding, sculpturing, CNC Machining, laser cutting, 3D printing services at an amazing speed and affordable prices, offering our customers “care-free” solutions from artistic creative design to concept design, to rapid prototype modelling, to product delivery. We can custom make any shapes as fast as 3 days. For e-commerce sellers, we do offer trouble-free drop shipping, no MOQ required.

With more than 15 years of art fabrication and mold-making experience, we can help you bring shape to your ideas.