Spiral Table Lamp Silicone Mold and Accessories

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The Spiral Elegance Table Lamp transcends conventional lighting. With its signature spiral design, it serves as an emblem of contemporary design, effortlessly blending function and art. As light dances through the spiral mold, a mesmerizing play of shadows and highlights graces your space, making every evening an enchanting experience. Whether you're setting a romantic mood, diving into a gripping book, or simply illuminating your workspace, this lamp is the perfect companion. Add this masterpiece to your decor and bask in the glow of modern sophistication.
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How to Make a Table Lamp

Step into the world of a sensory craftsman, where every moment is filled with creativity and joy! 🎉Today, we invite you to join us in our DIY tutorial and learn how to make your very own table lamp at home.

Customer Reviews

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Nice design and great material

It is very thoughtful to have extra jacket to uphold the shape of the mould. Since I want to fit in a larger bulb, the design might need to modify.