Welcome to Boowan Nicole's enchanting world of silicone molds, where creativity meets craftsmanship! In celebration of Easter, we are delighted to unveil our second wave of festive products that are bound to add a touch of charm to your celebrations. Dive into the Easter spirit with our delightful Easter Bunny series, featuring an array of adorable and intricately designed silicone molds.

1.Bunny Bliss Tealight Candle Set:

Illuminate Your Easter with Three Enchanting Bunny-Shaped Wax Candles, Including a Mini Egg Tealight Candle!
Our first set features three unique bunny-shaped wax candles, each exquisitely crafted to capture the essence of Easter joy. Adding a whimsical touch to your festivities.

2.Lifelike Bunny Embrace Candles:

Bring liveliness to your Easter decor with our realistic Bunny Holding Egg Candles. This set features two intricately designed bunny figures embracing eggs as candles. These adorable and lifelike candles are sure to capture the hearts of everyone around.

3.Hatching Bunny Joy Wax Candle:

Experience the Delight of Easter Renewal with a Charming Bunny Emerging from a Cracked Egg Candle!
Our third product presents a bunny emerging from a cracked egg, symbolizing the joy and renewal of Easter. This charming candle is sure to be a conversation starter at your festive gatherings.

4.Whimsical Bunny Egg Cups:

Introducing two distinct bunny-shaped egg cups that are not only adorable but also functional. These cups feature cute bunnies embracing bowl-shaped holders, ideal for displaying eggs, candies, chocolates, and more during Easter festivities.

Ongoing Updates:
Stay tuned for continuous updates, as we are committed to bringing you even more delightful creations to enhance your Easter celebrations. We are dedicated to providing products that perfectly complement the Easter atmosphere and meet all your festive needs.

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Januar 30, 2024 — SY S

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