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Craft Tools & Accessories

A true craft master always has a bag full of unique tools. It is an open secret to any trade. In this new craft collection, we will gradually share our little secret with our fans, which is the bag of tools that we have developed or hand-picked during the past 12 years of crafting. Stay tuned!

Stories & Guides

How to Make a Table Lamp

Step into the world of a sensory craftsman, where every moment is filled with creativity and joy! 🎉Today, we invite you to join us in our DIY tutorial and learn how to make your very own table lamp at home. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment and pride as you turn on your one-of-a-kind creation and see the room light up with warmth! 😎

An Amazing Collab With Pepper Please Studio

It was a collaboration with an amazing feeling! 😆 Our connection with Pepper Please Studio started at the beginning of December last year when Anastasia contacted us on Instagram and said she was interested in one of our tray molds and asked if it was possible to enlarge the size of the tray.

Is Silicone Safe?

Silicones are made from silicon, a naturally-occurring element that is abundant in sand. However, in order to make silicon available for industrial processes, it's heated to very high temperatures and reacted with hydrocarbons. Health Canda says...

Super Candle Jars