As the festive season twinkles into view, we at Boowan Nicole are delighted to introduce you to the creative genius behind our magical snowman candle jar molds. In this cozy Q&A, our chief designer, Abigale, shares the heartwarming inspiration and the creative journey behind these unique Christmas treasures 🕯❄.

Q: What sparked the idea for the snowman candle jar molds? 🌨
A: "The inspiration came on a nostalgic winter day, leafing through old family photos. A snapshot of me with my grandmother, joyfully building a snowman, brought back a flood of warm, fuzzy memories. I wanted to capture the essence of those cherished moments in something special, and thus, our snowman candle jar molds were born 🕯❤."

Q: What challenges did you face during the design process? 🤔
A: "The main challenge was to embody the spirit of a fond memory in a practical design. I aimed to create something that not only looked beautiful but also kindled the warmth and joy of a Christmas long ago. Melding emotional resonance with the technicalities of mold design was a journey of passion and precision 🎨."

Q: How do you stay inspired, especially during the festive season? 🌟
A: "The enchantment of Christmas is an endless source of inspiration. The stories, the traditions, the cozy gatherings – they all spark my creativity. Designing something that can add a sparkle to someone's festive celebrations is incredibly fulfilling 🎅."

Q: Can you describe your creative process for these molds? 🎨
A: "My process begins with the emotion or memory I wish to immortalize. For the snowman molds, it was the magic and innocence of childhood Christmases. From sketching to 3D modeling, every step is crucial. The goal is to craft a design that not only looks enchanting but also adds a special glow to any holiday setting 🔥."

Q: Any final thoughts you’d like to share with our readers? 💬
A: "I hope our snowman candle jar molds bring a sprinkle of nostalgic magic to your Christmas festivities. They are more than just candle jars; they are a beacon of cherished memories and the heartwarming spirit of the holidays 🕯🎄."

Join us in embracing the holiday season with our charming snowman candle jar molds. May their light bring joy, warmth, and a touch of yesteryear's magic to your celebrations.

Warm holiday wishes,
Boowan Nicole


December 22, 2023 — Elva Sunner


Peggy said:

I line these little snowman but I’m new to the candle making. How do you add the color for the scarfs or hats?

Peggy said:

I line these little snowman but I’m new to the candle making. How do you add the color for the scarfs or hats?

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