Easter is just around the corner, and Boowannicole is thrilled to present a captivating array of silicone mold products perfect for adding a touch of charm to your Easter celebrations. From whimsical bunny-shaped candles to adorable egg cups, our collection of seven hot-selling items is designed to elevate your Easter decor. Let's dive into the details of each product and discover how they can bring joy and festivity to your festivities.

1.Bunny Ear Shaped Candle :

Embrace the spirit of Easter with our Bunny Ear Shaped Candle. Crafted with precision using high-quality silicone molds, these candles boast intricate details that capture the essence of playful bunnies. The gentle glow from these candles adds warmth to any Easter gathering, making them an ideal centerpiece for your festive table.

2.Bunny Ear Shaped Candle Jar :

For a delightful twist, consider our Bunny Ear Shaped Candle Jar. Combining the charm of bunny ears with the functionality of a jar, this product serves as a unique decorative piece and a practical candle holder. The jar enhances the ambiance while containing the flickering flame, creating a cozy atmosphere during your Easter celebrations.

3.Mini Tray :

Add a touch of sophistication to your Easter decor with our Mini Tray. This versatile accessory is perfect for displaying your favorite Easter treats, be it chocolates, candies, or decorative eggs. Its elegant design complements any setting, making it a must-have addition to your festive collection.

4.Cute Bunny Shaped Candle :

Bring a smile to your face with our Cute Bunny Shaped Candle. This adorable creation not only serves as a charming Easter decoration but also doubles as a delightful gift. The meticulous detailing of the bunny's features makes it a conversation starter and a cherished addition to your festive decor.

5.Bunny Holding Egg Shaped Egg Cup :

Elevate your Easter breakfast experience with our Bunny Holding Egg Shaped Egg Cup. This whimsical creation combines functionality with cuteness, providing a charming way to present your boiled eggs during the holiday season. The intricate design showcases a bunny cradling an egg, adding a playful touch to your dining table.

6.Mini Bunny Shaped Tealight Candle :

For a subtle yet enchanting touch, consider our Mini Bunny Shaped Tealight Candle. This petite accessory adds a touch of whimsy to any space. Perfect for creating a cozy ambiance, the mini bunny Tealight Candle is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between charm and subtlety in their Easter decorations.

7.Easter Egg Holder :

Complete your Easter table setting with our Easter Egg Holder. This stylish and functional accessory allows you to showcase decorated eggs or serve individual treats to your guests. The intricate design and durable silicone construction make it a standout piece in your Easter decor collection.

Boowannicole's Easter collection offers a delightful array of silicone mold products designed to enhance the joy and festivity of the season. Each item brings its unique charm to the table, promising to make your Easter celebrations memorable and full of whimsy. Explore our diverse range of products and add a touch of Boowannicole magic to your Easter decor this year!

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February 29, 2024 — SY S

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