In the pursuit of a minimalist yet stylish home decor, Boowannicole introduces a perfect solution: the Minimalist Long Tray Mold.

Adding a tray crafted from terrazzo adds to the crafting fun - Boowan Nicole

Minimalist Design with Ample Space 🎨
This long tray mold features a minimalist design, characterized by its smooth contours and simple lines. Despite its simplicity, it offers ample space to accommodate various items, allowing for easy organization within your living space.

A Decorative Asset for Your Home 🌿
More than just a practical container, this tray mold serves as a decorative asset for your home. Whether placed on the coffee table in the living room, the desk in the study, or the vanity in the bedroom, its minimalist design adds a unique ambiance to any space. Its sleek silhouette seamlessly integrates with different home decor styles, imparting a touch of modernity and elegance.

Shower gel and towels are placed in trays on the shelf next to the bathtub - Boowan NicoleTwo slow-burning white cylinder candles sit on a tray on the desk - Boowan Nicole

Thoughtful Design for Furniture Protection 🛋️
Recognizing that trays are often placed on furniture surfaces, Boowannicole has thoughtfully equipped this tray mold with non-slip pads. You can place it anywhere without worrying about scratching or damaging your furniture, ensuring effective protection for your furnishings.

Use non-slip mats on the backs of pallets to protect your furniture from scratches - Boowan Nicole

The Minimalist Long Tray Mold is not only a practical home accessory but also a design-focused decorative piece. Its minimalist aesthetic, spacious design, and thoughtful features offer a unique experience for your home decor. Whether used as a display item or a functional accessory, it seamlessly integrates into your living space, adding beauty and convenience to your daily life. Boowannicole is dedicated to providing users with high-quality product experiences, and we believe that this Minimalist Long Tray Mold will become a standout feature in your home decor.🌟

April 10, 2024 — SY S

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