Hey craft aficionados! 😆

Remember when we kickstarted this year with our fabulous new Boowan Nicole website? If that wasn't exciting enough, we sparked the party with some uber-cool events - all to celebrate YOU - our incredibly creative community! 🎊

One of these game-changers was our Free Customization Event. We invited you all to unleash your inner artist and transform your wildest design dreams into submissions. Our inbox was flooded with some jaw-dropping designs, but one creative mind truly dazzled us - Aneliya, the star designer of our story. ✨

Introducing Aneliya: A Designer Extraordinaire 🤩

Allow us to introduce you to Aneliya, a talented designer who has her own studio and can be found on Instagram under the handle @studiomeness. Her submission of design proposal really shocked us. Although we have been designing stackable candles for years, her ideas of stackable candles are breath of fresh air, simple yet unique, thanks to her design sensibility and completeness. Aneliya is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of candle design. 🎉

Aneliya’s Masterpiece: The Stackable Candle Design 🥰

Our designers gave these comments after seeing Aneliya’s drawings:
Design 1 (Cuboid Shape):

“The concept of creating a cuboid shape by stacking the candle molds is intriguing and offers a visually appealing result. The use of straight lines and right angles in the design gives it a sense of structure and balance. The geometric nature of the cuboid shape can evoke a modern and minimalist aesthetic, making it suitable for contemporary spaces. This design showcases a clean and organized look, which can add a touch of sophistication to any environment. The versatility of the cuboid shape allows for various creative arrangements and combinations, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.” This is what our lovely Designer Oil had to praise about this design.


Design 2 (Semicircle Circle):

Then here's what another of our designers, Air, had to say about this design. “The idea of combining two semicircles to form a complete circle is visually striking and demonstrates a clever use of shapes. The circular form has a timeless and harmonious quality, often associated with unity and perfection. This design can create a sense of balance and continuity in a space, making it visually pleasing. The smooth curves and rounded edges of the semicircles add a touch of elegance and softness to the overall aesthetic. The simplicity and fluidity of this design can evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity, making it suitable for creating a calming ambiance.”


Design 3 (Mosaic Eye):


“The concept of using three candles with different shapes to create a mosaic eye shape is unique and imaginative. This design incorporates elements of asymmetry and complexity, resulting in a visually captivating arrangement. The combination of diverse shapes can create a sense of dynamic movement and visual interest. “Here's what our beautiful sample maker - Nana had to say when she made this sample. “The mosaic eye shape adds an element of mystery and intrigue to the overall aesthetic, making it an excellent focal point or conversation starter. This design offers a bold and artistic statement, and its eclectic nature can bring a vibrant and expressive tone to any space.”

Overall, these three stackable candle mold designs exhibit creativity, visual appeal, and versatility. Each design offers a distinct aesthetic and tone, allowing individuals to choose the one that best suits their preferences and desired atmosphere. ✨

Crafting Aneliya's Vision

Revealing Aneliya's chosen creation was pure magic. Her joy mirrored our excitement to bring her design dream to life. But I had to say, the honor is mine. 🥰

Each step in the molding process was a collaborative dance between our expertise and Aneliya's vision. We involved her in every detail, like two artists crafting a masterpiece.


We completed the 3D modeling drawings of Aneliya's stackable candle design. Time to share the digital representations, capturing the beauty and intricate details.

Her response? Delight and joy! 😉 The renderings exceeded her expectations, breathing life into her creation. Our 3D renderings ignited her passion.

Now, onto the production process! 😎

Crafting the Perfect Mold: Innovation in Design


Our mold design includes a clever feature. It easily accommodates taper candles and allows effortless pouring and demolding. No deformation or displacement. Elevating our products for a hassle-free creative experience. 😊

Unveiling the Molds: Artistry in Reality


And then, the day arrived. The molds, the tangible representation of Aneliya's creativity, were ready. And OMG, were they spectacular! Each mold perfectly encapsulated the intricacies of her design, and we couldn’t wait to send them to their rightful owner - Aneliya. So we shipped the molds to her in a heartbeat. We are as eager as you are to know what she thinks! 😆

Celebrating Our Creative Community

This collaboration with Aneliya was not just a delightful journey; it was a testament to the power of creative collaboration. It's shown us the magic that happens when your innovative minds meet our commitment to product design.
So here's to all you creative souls out there, and a massive cheer to Aneliya, for setting the bar high and reminding us of the creative prowess our community possesses. Let's continue creating, let's continue dreaming, because who knows, your design might be the next sensation at Boowan Nicole! 🌈
So, let's keep the creativity flowing! Until the next time, keep designing, and keep shining! ✨🎉💗


June 08, 2023 — SY S

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