It was a collaboration with an amazing feeling! 😆 Our connection with Pepper Please Studio started at the beginning of December last year when Anastasia contacted us on Instagram and said she was interested in one of our tray molds and asked if it was possible to enlarge the size of the tray. She provided very detailed information and pictures of what she wanted. We were very happy and excited to hear from her and were keen to work with Anastasia as we are also big fans of her work and love the style of her Instagram posts! 🥰


The girls in our studio are always excited when we receive a custom request from a customer. They think it's amazing to get to know the different ideas and inspirations of different people as if each individual is unique in the world. And that these amazing ideas will inspire our girls to create more designs. 😁

After learning about Anastasia's customization requirements, our design team went to work on the design. After about one day, we produced the first version of the design. Anastasia liked the look of it but it is not love at the first sight, unfortunately. 😭 We know beautiful things need to be polished and Anastasia wanted the design to be perfect. We worked harder and harder, and the third time is the charm! 🎉

Finally, she said yes one day before the NYE! All the work we carried throughout Xmas had a very happy ending. ✨A fine work done and a good friend acquired in the end, we could not have asked for a better Xmas gift!


Once we got to the mold-making, things moved along pretty quickly and we also created some great samples. And Anastasia was delighted with them. I mean, you know Anastasia - she's always so cheerful and appreciative. Gotta love her! It was great chatting with her and she's always so lovely. 😘

Woohoo! After getting the green light from Anastasia, we shipped the molds over to her as fast as we could! We haven't finished our story yet though - in fact, it's only just begun! We can't wait to continue our journey with Anastasia! 🤗

February 21, 2023 — Elva Sunner


Manon said:

Hi, will you sell some round tray molds of yours?

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