Hello, lovely crafters! 🎄👋

As the snowy season beckons, isn't it time to sprinkle a bit of DIY magic around? 🌨✨ Let's transform our homes into a festive wonderland with a homemade Christmas tree candle jar! I’m here to guide you every step of the way, from materials to final touches. Ready to embark on this creative journey? Let's roll up our sleeves and begin!

Materials You'll Need 🛍:

  • Boowannite - The heart and soul of our candle jar. 🏺
  • Pigments - Splash of colors for that festive feel! 🎨
  • Two-part Mold - Shaped precisely like a Christmas tree. 🌲
  • Paint Brush or Small Wooden Stick - To expel air bubbles. 🖌
  • Non-slip Wooden Mat - To give our tree a stable foundation. 🪵
  • Mixing Bowl & Spoon - Stirring our way to perfection. 🥣🥄

Step-by-Step Guide 📝:
1. Setup & Safety First 🛑
Set up your workspace with newspapers or a craft mat. Don those gloves to keep those hands stain-free! 🧤 And remember, fresh air is your friend – keep your space well-ventilated.


2. Mixing the Magic 🪄
Start by pouring the required amount of Boowannite into your mixing bowl. Gradually add a few drops of pigment and blend until you achieve the desired shade. Remember, a little goes a long way. 🌈
(548g Boowannite powder with 191g Boowannite liquid)

3. The Mold Magic Begins 🎩
Pour the mixture into the top half of your mold, not filling it all the way to allow for final touches.


4. Perfecting the Pour ✍
With your trusty paint brush or wooden stick, smooth out any imperfections. And a gentle tap releases pesky air bubbles. 🌀

5. Repeat for the Bottom Half 🔁
Mirror your process for the tree's bottom half, ensuring consistency.

6. The Waiting Game ⏳
Let the molds set, allowing the magic to solidify. Dream about the joy it’ll bring!


7. Revel in the Release! 🎉
After waiting, gently unveil your creation. Ta-da!

 8. Stability with Style 💃
Place your tree on the non-slip wooden mat for a grand and graceful finish.

Behold your very own Christmas tree candle jar, glowing with holiday spirit! 🌲🕯

Share your masterpieces using the hashtag #NicoleUp. 📸 Can't wait to bask in the warm glow of your creations!

Happy crafting, and here's to a holiday filled with light, love, and DIY joy! 🎄❤️✨

Hugs and sparkles,

Boowan Nicole

P.S. Every artist has their unique touch. If you’ve added any magical tweaks, do share them with our community! Collaboration makes creation even more special. 🤝🎨



September 15, 2023 — Elva Sunner

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