Every masterpiece begins with a spark. For us, that spark was the enchanting realm of Greek mythology, where gods and mortals danced in tales of valor, wisdom, and desire.

The Initial Spark: Hermes' Tale

It all began when Nolan, one of our lead designers, chanced upon a story narrating the adventures of Hermes. Captivated by his cunning, speed, and charm, they envisioned a candle jar mold that could encapsulate the essence of this celestial messenger.

Yet, the tale of Hermes was just the beginning.

From One God to a Pantheon: Design Evolution:

As the team dived deeper into the mythological cosmos, they felt the urge to celebrate not just one, but the entire pantheon. The elegance of Aphrodite, the wisdom of Apollo, and the depths of Poseidon—all these tales shaped our exquisite range of Greek Gods Candle Jar Moulds.

Each design, meticulously handcrafted, is a homage to the deity it represents, waiting to illuminate your spaces with tales from eons ago.

Journey with us into ancient Greece, where gods grace your mantle, and legends light up your abode.

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May legends light your way
Every mold has a story. Ours span millennia.

October 13, 2023 — Elva Sunner

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